About us

Established in Dublin in 1997, Voicebank has a wonderful history of looking after voiceover talent and Agency/Animation/TV etc talent alike – we know how to keep everyone happy!

We have a reputation for being firm, fair and friendly and are very excited to be bringing this hard-won and extensive knowledge to our new client base, in London and representing UK talent.

At Voicebank, Dublin and London, we believe firmly that the world of advertising, corporate and commercial work in general can allow the actor/comedian/performer to continue persuing their craft, and the world is better off for that.

It is the cornerstone ideal of our company and is a beautiful throughline from creativity to creativity. Commercials can be beautiful too!

Don‘t just take our word for it, check out our Testimonials.

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Deborah Pearce

Having trained as an actor (Gaiety School of Acting Dublin, graduated 1994), Deborah quickly went on to become one of Ireland’s top female VO’s swapping the stage for the studio early on.

The job of Voiceover itself is one that Deborah understands from the inside out, and the life of the actor is one that she is fierce about protecting!

She has made the world of voiceover her life’s work, and set up Voicebank in order to facilitate other actors persuing this line of work.

As a top agent Deborah is known for being firm, fair, friendly and approachable and her excellent reputation is widely recognised throughout the industry – as an individual and as part of the team. (She got so busy running Voicebank, that that she retired from doing VOs herself some time ago!)

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Kirsten Troy

Kirsten graduated from Business Arts Management IADT, Dublin in 2015.

She then went on to work in Dublin as a Voiceover Agent (with Voicebank Dublin).

After her move to London she was hired by one of London’s busiest advertising agencies as a audio producer for over 2 years – budgeting, casting and directing voiceover sessions for major clients on daily basis.

She then (and we are very grateful) joined the Voicebank London team in April 2019, as senior Voiceover Agent and is a key member of the team, and the person you’re most likely to get on the phone!